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In 2015, the United Nations developed  17 Sustainability Goals.

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& Here Is Our Contribution + A Few Of The Active Utopian Projects

  • To Mąkę Every Major Music Festival 100% Sustainable.
  • To Give 35,000 people non-toxic deodorant, teeth products & home cleaning supplies.
  • To Implement Clean Water for 75,000 people all across the planet.
  • To raise $21,000,000 for grassroots impact.
  • To Provide 1.5 million meals to people in need.
  • ​To station 1 utopian doctor in every country.
  • ​To implement 75,000 free energy systems all across the planet. 
  • ​To develop 1 workshop in every single planet on conscious living & health.
  • ​To establish at least 1 Utopian Hospital in every single country.
  • ​​To radically impact reduce, reuse & recycle industry with 150,000 lbs of material & plastic collection.
  • ​​To save 1.5 million beings of marine life.
  • ​​To plant 21,000,000 trees all across the planet.
  • ​To educate every single household on the planet about world peace and human consciousness.
  • ​​To co - create with as many partnerships and sponsorships as possible
  • ​To establish at least 1 school in every single country.
  • ​To implement the Conscious Footprint App in as many device as possible.
  • ​To give 1,500,000 copies of Utopian Medicine textbooks to eco villages & other school across the entire planet.
How can you live a more conscious life!?
Doing the work.
Staying the same.
 - Free Energy Systems
Focus: 35,000 homes by the year 2030!

We are implementing clean energy systems, solar panels, clean water filtration, clean air filtration & much more into as many homes as possible.

100% of profits go towards impact!
 - Best of the Best.
We are experts in living a more conscious life & our partners are experts in the field of innovation & creative living spaces. We picked the best people with the best visions. Together, we will rise! Excited for you to take the next step!
 - New Revolutionary App
The world is changing & we must change with it!

We are designing an app to help people live more consciously on the inside and the outside to link their thoughts, feelings & beliefs to their carbon footprint.
 - Healthy Environment
Science shows a direct reflection between the inner world & the outer world. The expression of life is related to the expression of the environment. & both can change!
How can you live a more conscious life!?
Doing the work.
Staying the same.
The Vision for the Future
Impact. Impact. Impact.
Trash cleans ups, concerts & festivals, sustainability marches, silent protests & much more! One day at a time, one breath at a time, one moment at a time, we will change the planet.
100% of profits
All... Yes, all of our profits go towards grassroots impact projects all across the planet. We have many projects, all across the planet and we need your help!
Health & positive energy
Live in a healthier environment & see the reflection in your life! All aspects of your life can change when you implement more conscious ways of living!
it's time to change
If you are here, you know what to do! It's time to make an impact. The choice is yours! One decision can change your life & this is that decision.
How can you live a more conscious life!?
Doing the work.
Staying the same.
"Interests' in conscious living has increased by more than 4x since the beginning of this [pandemic]. With it, free energy systems are sky rocketing.

Evan's work is something you won't regret - he is determined, inspired & excited to help you improve the relationship with yourself and the world you live in."
Jared Stephens - Tedx Speaker, Founder of Sumbea
"Dr. Evan encourages healing from within, with an ultimate goal to restore balance in the body, mind + spirit, bringing us fully into alignment. His progressive, integrative medical approach is what makes this course different. Discovering that true medicine is already within us not only facilitates healing, but will leave an imprint of a more conscious, healthy planet."

Alexandra - Talent Manager
- Dr. Evan does a great job combining his healthcare expertise & in depth understanding of the human mind and body to guide you through a personal transformational journey - giving you the tools to become your own medicine. 
Justin - Founder, Real Estate
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